About CovidSurg Cohort Study

Patients diagnosed with COVID-19 who need surgery are a challenging group. Capturing real-world data and sharing international experience about the management of surgical patients during this pandemic will inform clinical decision making. CovidSurg Cohort Study is an international multi-centric cohort study aiming to assess the outcomes of surgery in patients with SARS-CoV2 infection.

Patients meeting the following inclusion criteria can be included in CovidSurg:

  • Patients undergoing ANY type of surgery in an operating theatre, this includes obstetrics.


  • Either before or after surgery: (i) lab test confirmed SARS-CoV2 infection or (ii) clinical diagnosis of COVID-19 (no test performed).

Highlights of CovidSurg Cohort Study

  • Any hospital can participate. Some hospitals might currently have few cases while others might have a lot. Every hospital treating or expecting to treat surgical patients with COVID-19 infection is welcome.

  • Patients can be included in this study if they undergo any type of surgery and have a COVID-19 diagnosis (by lab test or clinical), in the pre or post-operative period.

  • The primary outcome is mortality at 30 days after surgery. Secondary outcomes will be other surgical and medical complications.

  • There is no fixed data collection period and patients can be included either prospectively or retrospectively.

  • Data will be stored in a secure online platform (REDCap). Only anonymised data will be collected.

  • All the collaborators will be recognised as co-authors in any publications resulting from this study.  A corporate authorship model will be used under CovidSurg Collaborative group, for example: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29452941

Setting up your site to participate in CovidSurg Cohort Study

  • To get involved, please first complete the registration form.

  • Ensuring local approvals to participate is the most important next step.

  • You will get an email from our team and your hospital will be issued a REDCap login. If your hospital is already signed up for the study, you will be out in contact with your colleagues to build a team.

  • If you wish to start data collection on paper and upload it later, please use the data collection sheet below.

  • Contacts for each country are available in our network page so you can have support from your colleagues.

  • For any queries please contact [email protected]