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Pump-Priming Surgical Research Awards

The NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery is committed to building and strengthening research capacity in areas specifically relevant to patients in our low and middle income (LMIC) partner hub countries.

Each year as part of our annual research prioritization workshop, researchers from our partner countries are invited to submit research proposals for consideration for seed funding from the NIHR Global Surgery Unit.

The best conceived bids receive pump-priming funding together with mentoring from academics at the Unit in order to develop and conduct their research projects. It is anticipated that this initial funding will generate early pilot data that will be used to inform applications for future grant funding and so develop these projects in to larger studies and trials across the NIHR Global Surgery Unit network.

Studies funded to date are outlined below

The STARFISH study

SToma cARe For Improvement reSearcH (STARFISH):  Epidemiologic study of stoma cases in Lower- and Middle-Income Countries and qualitative research on the challenges on stoma care

The STARFISH study plans to use a mixed methods approach to assess the burden and challenges of stoma care in low and middle income studies.

Based at the NIHR Global Surgery Unit Centre in the Philippines and led by Dr Maria Carmela Lapitan at the University of the Philippines in Manilla, Starfish will comprise 3 separate sub-studies

1.A survey at selected healthcare facilities to collect data on stoma incidence, types, indications and complications.

2.Focus groups and one-to-one interviews with patients, carers and health care providers involved in stoma care

3.Development of a questionnaire for stoma patients in low and middle income to collect standardised data on stoma care.

Educational visits

As part of the pump-priming funding stream, the Global Surgery Unit is supporting educational visits for researchers between our international partners, sharing knowledge and experience.

Honey wound dressings for the management of chronic wounds in Ghana

Honey is well documented to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, however there is currently insufficient evidence to demonstrate that honey wound dressings are effective in the treatment of chronic wounds.

Medical grade honey is currently available but not yet in use in Ghana. Initially, this project will fund an educational trip for Dr Edwin Yenil and Dr Etch Ighohwo from the NIHR Global Surgery Unit hub in Ghana to visit colleagues at our South African hub in order to observe wound care at specialized units. This will help determine the feasibility of carrying out a trial testing different wound dressings in patients with chronic wounds in Ghana.

To read a full report on Dr Yenil and Dr Ighohwo’s visit please click here.

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