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GlobalSurg International Clinical Trials

In order to change practice and improve outcomes for surgical patients, the highest quality evidence that a  treatment is effective is required. This level of evidence can only be generated in the setting of  high quality international, multi-centre randomised controlled trials.

Clinical trials are highly complex and regulated and therefore will be conducted only in NIHR Unit on Global Surgery hub countries.

Each hub will enrol patients into trials and will work with other hospitals within their country to ensure a good mix of participating centres from tertiary referral units through to rural community hospitals in remote settings.

If your hospital is in an NIHR Unit on Global Surgery hub country and you would be interested in taking part in a GlobalSurg clinical trial, please contact your nearest hub via our contacts page.

GlobalSurg Clinical trials are supported by the NIHR, The University of Birmingham and The Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit

Countries registered to take part in GlobalSurg II

Is your country represented on the map? Scroll around the map to see if your country is represented. If not, we'd love to hear from you! Get in touch with us via our registration form or contacts page