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Priority Setting

Setting the research agenda

GlobalSurg & The NIHR Global Health Unit on Global Surgery are working together though annual research prioritisation workshops to set the research agenda based on patient need in LMIC

Information Gathering

Cohort & Feasibility Studies

GlobalSurg conduct international cohort studies, generating crucial background data for feasibility studies carried out in NIHR Global Health Unit on Global Surgery hub countries

Evidence Generation

Providing evidence to improve surgical outcomes

The NIHR Global Health Unit on Global Surgery is conducting international randomised controlled trials in selected low and middle income partner hub countries


Building Sustainable Research for the Future

Developing trans-continental randomised controlled trials and national guidelines to build sustainable research capacity in low and middle income countries


Fostering the surgical leaders of tomorrow

The NIHR GSU is supporting funded Fellowships for surgeons in LMIC and providing open access training resources to support surgical researchers

Our Projects

Past Projects

The NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery & GlobalSurg studies are studies are supported by:

Countries registered to take part in GlobalSurg II

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