CovidSurg-Cancer closing stages

Many thanks to all collaborators who have contributed to the COVIDSurg-Cancer project to date. Patient identification has now ended in all centres and we are launching for the closing stages of the project.

We are aware that tracking non-operated patients was not possible in all centres, due to capacity or the design of your local care pathways.

As such, we now need to identify a team classification (group 1 or group 2) for your specialty in your hospital to help us keep track of follow-up of patients within the study. Please read the below carefully to identify your team classification and what to do next.

Please indicate your team here

Watch this short video with a discussion between two teams.

Group 1

  • Select Group 1 if your team can accurately include all eligible operated and non-operated patients

  • Teams in group 1 will be included in analyses (and authorship) for papers both describing outcomes of operated and non-operated patients

  • Please complete this form to indicate your team classification as Group 1

  • Please identify and enter all eligible non-operated or delayed patient records onto REDCap as soon as possible

  • Please ensure that you keep a careful record of all patients linked local Medical Record numbers and REDCap IDs (infographic here)

  • Follow-up data: this can be entered in the existing ‘Management’ form on REDCap

    • We are aiming to end follow-up for these patients on 31st August 2020 and want as up to date data as possible to be entered regarding the status of these patients by this date.

    • For some patients this may be a shorter length of follow-up (e.g. those identified in early June will have under 3 months follow-up), for some this will represent a longer length of follow-up(e.g. those identified in March will have almost 6-months follow-up).

    • Please enter the final date of follow-up of each non-operated patient’s records (ideally as close to 31st August 2020 as possible) and confirm inclusion of non-operated patients.

  • If the patient has an operation before 31st August 2020, the ‘clock stops’ and 30-day postoperative outcome data should be collected in the same way as any other operated patient.

  • The following infographic helps to explain the follow-up pathway for specialties/centres in Group 1.

To print this checklist, please click here.

Group 2

  • Select Group 2 if your team can accurately include eligible operated patients ONLY

  • Teams in group 2 will be included only in analyses (and authorship) for papers describing outcomes of operated patients

  • Please complete this form and indicate your team classification as Group 2

  • Please ensure that all consecutive eligible patients have been included within your patient identification window

  • You can include operated patients until 31st July 2020 – patients entered after this date will not be included in analyses

  • Please ensure that all relevant datapoints including 30-day follow-up is complete for all operated patients

To print this checklist, please click here.