Welcome to the second NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery newsletter. We hope that you and your families are keeping well. During these unprecedented times, we will endeavour to send the newsletter on a more regular basis to share the latest news and developments from across the Unit. We are aware that many of us are now working in challenging ‘lockdown’ conditions. None-the-less, let us continue to recognise and keep each other informed about the many developments that are happening in each of our locations. 

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Welcome Benin
We would like to congratulate Dr Ismail Lawani and the team in Benin as the newest recruiters to FALCON. Welcome!

CovidSurg cohort studies

Covidsurg is a rapidly expanding, capturing real-world data and sharing international experience which will inform the management of patients undergoing surgery throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information please visit the website CovidSurg

We are pleased to announce that an article by the Collaborative‘Global guidance for surgical care during the COVID-19 pandemic’ – has been rapidly accepted by BJS. Full details will follow shortly.

Global Surgery Guidelines 

Thank you Stephen for sharing your image of the guidelines in use.

The full open-access publication of our Guidelines for Prevention of Surgical Site Infections is now available here and the visual abstract (translated into 11 languages) can be seen on our Unit’s