A very warm welcome to the first edition of the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery newsletter. We will be using this newsletter to share the latest news and developments from across the Unit. It is important that we recognise and keep each other informed about the many exciting developments that are happening in each of our partner countries. Please send us any items of news that you would like us to include in future editions of the newsletter. We look forward to hearing from you.


Highlight: launch of study of COVID-19 infected patients undergoing surgery
CovidSurg has been designed to capture real-world data and share international experience which will inform the management of this complex group of patients undergoing surgery throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, improving their clinical care.

Read more about this timely and much needed study at https://globalsurg.org/covidsurg/

Growing Surgical Network across India

Growing Surgical Network across India
Nearly 50 delegates representing 19 Indian states and Union territories participated in a 2-day workshop held in New Delhi held in February.

Within the workshop:

  • Indian surgeons presented and discussed new surgical research areas that are important to Indian and global patients. This is the first-ever surgical research prioritisation done in India and is a leap towards creating sustainability. Selected topics will be taken forward to seek funding.
  • The existing GSU global research portfolio pertinent to India was showcased, leading to the expansion of the GSU hub-spoke network in India.
  • In-depth training was provided around CHEETAH and EAGLE

The workshop was attended by the Chancellor (Lord Bilimoria) and Vice-Chancellor (Professor Sir David Eastwood) of the University of Birmingham (UoB) and was supported by the UoB India Institute. It was very well received by all who participated. Congratulations to the India Hub team and those who were involved in making it such a huge success

First set of NIHR Global Surgery Guidelines set for publication!

Our first set of guidelines resulting from the Prioritisation Workshop in Kigali in 2018 has been accepted for publication. NIHR Global Surgery Unit Surgical Site infection guidelines will published shortly in BJS.

We are working to translate the SSI guidelines into different languages which will be available on www.nihrglobalsurgery.org following publication.