Last week of data collection for GlobalSurg 3

Final date for new patients to be entered into the study is 31st October 2018

GlobalSurg 3 Update 
8937 patients now entered into GlobalSurg 3 from 77 countries!
Thank you to everyone collecting date
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Reminder: Data Collection & Data Entry Deadlines

All 4-week data collection periods must conclude by 31st October 2018 – this is the final date to collect new patients for the study

30-Day follow-up data for patients collected during October will be collected during November, but no new patients should be collected after 31st October

Registration for new teams closes 31st October 2018 – if you have been collecting data on paper forms and have not yet registered your team for a REDCap account for online data entry, please register as soon as possible

All data must be entered and complete on REDCap by
10pm Monday 17th December 2018 

Completing your Data Entry on REDCap 

1. Five green dots 
Remember, to be included in the authorship list of any publications arising from the study, your data must be >90% complete. Please make sure you have 5 green dots for every patient
2. Data Collection Completion form  
Once you have 5 green dots for every patient please complete the ‘Data Collection Completion’ form available in the ‘Authorship‘ project of your REDCap account