March Newsletter

The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration

Calling all GlobalSurg 3 collaborators

Our next international cohort study launches soon
GlobalSurg 3Quality and outcomes after cancer surgery; a prospective, international cohort study

This study will be open to all hospitals performing surgery for breast, gastric and colorectal surgery, anywhere in the world.

Data collection will be by teams of 3 collaborators in 4 week periods between April and October 2018. Data collection can be performed by anyone from medical students upwards. All collaborators receive authorship on any publications from the study

If you would like to register for GlobalSurg 3, you will need an ORCID ID first. ORCID gives every researcher a unique digital identifier which will make registering for GlobalSurg 3 simpler and, importantly, will make the authorship list generated at the end of study more accurate
If you do not have an ORCID ID, please sign up for one here

Registrations for GlobalSurg 3 will open later this month

Did you know you can explore the GlobalSurg 2 data set using our online data visualisation application?

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