Our next international cohort study, ‘Quality and outcomes in global cancer surgery; a prospective international cohort study‘, will open shortly.

GlobalSurg 3 Registration & ORCID ID

The GlobalSurg team are working hard behind the scenes to get registration for data collaborator teams ready for the end of March.

To register for GlobalSurg 3 all collaborators will need an ORCID ID – you can sign up for an ORCID ID any time here: https://orcid.org

ORCID  a provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher in the world. Using your ORCID ID number when you register for GlobalSurg 3 will help make our registration process smoother and, importantly, our authorship list at the end of study more accurate

Please get your ORCID ID ready for GlobalSurg 3 registration!

GlobalSurg 3 study details

GlobalSurg 3 will collect data on all consecutive patients undergoing surgery for breast, gastric or colon cancer

Any hospital, anywhere in the world performing surgery for breast, gastric or colon cancer can participate. Hospitals do not need to be treating all three cancers to participate, but must ensure that all consecutive patients meeting the protocol inclusion criteria are included. Those hospitals treating more than one of the three named cancers must include all those patients.

Teams of 3 collaborators will collect data during any 4-week period between April 1st and Oct 31st (plus 30 day follow up). Multiple teams at the same hospital can take part provided they collect non-overlapping 4-week periods. Each team can collect more than one 4-week period if they wish.

PubMed citable authorship for every data collaborator

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