It now just over two weeks since the GlobalSurg 2 manuscript was published in Lancet Infectious Diseases and the interest generated by our study has been huge. The journal published a commentary alongside the article highlighting the impressive undertaking of collecting such a large and diverse dataset across so many different continents, and particularly praising the efforts GlobalSurg collaborators had taken to validate the dataset.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 13.56.47The manuscript was the most read article of the last 30 days on the Lancet Infectious Diseases website; the story was picked up by more than 30 news outlets around the world and now has over 1000 Tweets. Such metrics are now collected and used as a measure of impact – the GlobalSurg 2 manuscript now has an Altmetric Score of 674, putting it in the top 5% of all academic research papers!

The interest generated underlines the important work GlobalSurg is doing in providing the evidence needed to improve surgical outcomes for patients all around the world, and demonstrates the power of our truly global collaborative spiritScreen Shot 2018-03-04 at 14.08.46

Our new study, GlobalSurg 3 Quality and outcomes in global cancer surgery; a prospective, international cohort study, will launch in April 2018 and will answer important questions about variability in cancer outcomes for patients in high, middle and low income countries

Any hospital undertaking surgery for breast, gastric and colorectal cancers, anywhere in the world is eligible to take part, and collaborators can be any healthcare researchers from medical students upwards. If you’d like to take part in GlobalSurg 3 please subscribe to our email newsletter to ensure you receive study updates including the launch of the protocol and instructions on how to register your hospital. Subscribe here and join the GlobalSurg family of over 5000 researchers in more than 100 countries