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When GlobalSurg 2 launched in 2016 we cautiously hoped that we could match the success of GlobalSurg 1. GlobalSurg Collaborators around the world rose to the challenge and surpassed all our expectations! By the end of the study we had a dataset of over 12,000 patients from 343 hospitals in 66 countries. Importantly, and commented upon by the peer reviews, we had, for the first time in a study such as this, validated our dataset.

This was a tremdous effort by all 1816 GlobalSurg collaborators, who were rewarded in February 2018 when the main analysis from the study was published by the leading journal, Lancet Infectious Diseases.

The study, Surgical site infection after gastrointestinal surgery in high, middle, and low income countries: prospective, international cohort study, found patients in low income countries are 60% more likely to develop a surgical site infection than those in high income countries. Those who developed a wound infection required a hospital stay 3 times longer than those without, and were more likely to die – although not necessarily as a result of their wound infection.

Patients in low income countries have higher antibiotic usage and are more likely to be infected with antibiotic resistant bacteria, making their infections harder to treat. The findings shed light on a link between antibiotic use and infection, and highlight an urgent need to tackle surgical infection in low income nations.

Click here to read the full open access manuscript in Lancet Infectious Diseases.

The study has received international press attention from all around the world- use the map below to explore the coverage and read articles in your country.

The fabulous success of GlobalSurg 2 could not have been achieved without the dedicated efforts of all our Country Leads and Data Collaborators and we hope to build on this success further as we look to the launch of GlobalSurg 3 in April 2018!

Thank you and congratulations to all our collaborators!

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