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GlobalSurg 3 Launches Around the World!
Our National Leads have been working hard to promote the study in their country and encourage hospitals to take part

Dr Ahmad Qureshi, National Lead for Pakistan, promotes GlobalSurg 3 at a local meeting
GlobalSurg 3 on the big screen in Pakistan
Prof Hosni Khairy Launches GlobalSurg 3 hospitals in Egypt
Welcome to all GlobalSurg 3 collaborators in Egypt!
Sebastian Shu Yip, National Lead for Peru, describes the work of GlobalSurg to Dr Barbara Bass, President of the American College of Surgeons

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Frequently asked questions about GlobalSurg 3 
Q. I want to take part in GlobalSurg 3 – where do I start?
A. Please read the information available on www.globalsurg.org/gs3 and this blog post http://globalsurg.org/i-want-to-take-part-in-globalsurg-3-where-do-i-start/
Q. I’m already subscribed to the GlobalSurg newsletter and registered with ORCID, do I need to do anything else?
A. Yes – everyone wishing to take part in data collection for GlobalSurg 3 must register their team via our registration page. Registering will give you a log in for REDCap (for data entry) and ensure you are on the authorship list at the end of study. REDCap is our secure data entry platform into which all data must be entered to be included in final analyses.
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Q. There are 4 of us at my hospital wishing to take part – can we be on the same team?
A. No – data collection teams for GlobalSurg 3 are a maximum of 3. If there are more than 3 people wishing to take part you will need to form multi