How Can I Join GlobalSurg 3?

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You don’t need to do everything in this sequence!

If you are interested in taking part in GlobalSurg 3 the first thing you should do is read the study protocol and information available on the project webpage – click here!

Make sure you are working in a hospital treating patients that meet the study inclusion criteria – any hospital performing surgery for breast, colon or gastric cancer is eligible to take part

GlobalSurg has National Leads in many countries around the world. You can check if your country has a National Lead and contact them directly by clicking here.

Your National Lead can also tell you if there are others at your hospital also planning on taking part in GlobalSurg 3. Big hospitals treating large numbers of patients may have lots of teams taking part – this will be co-ordinated by a Hospital Lead. Your National Lead can put you in touch with your Hospital Lead if relevant. Or if there isn’t one yet, you could apply to become your Hospital Lead!

If your country does not yet have a National Lead for GlobalSurg 3 and you would like to act in this role please contact us by clicking here – we’re aiming to get as many countries as possible taking part in GlobalSurg 3!

Before you can start data collection, you must ensure you have any necessary local approvals. Your National Lead can advise you on what approvals you may need in you country. You can  contact your National Lead directly by clicking here.

In the UK the study is considered audit for ethics purposes. This is detailed in the protocol and although this classification will depend on local regulations, you may find this helpful when applying for any local approvals.

Data for GlobalSurg 3 will be collected in 4-week periods between 1st April and 31st October (with the final 4-week period to be concluded by October 31st). Data collection teams can be a maximum of 3 individuals. If you have 4 individuals wanting to take part you should form 2 teams of 2 and collect two separate, non-overlapping periods.

Multiple teams can take part at any hospital, provided they collect non-overlapping 4-week periods, and any team can collect more than one 4-week period if they wish

Data collection is open to all individuals from medical students upwards – nurses, technicians and research officers are all welcome too. No previous experience is required!

You can download and print the GlobalSurg 3 flier and use it to advertise the study at your hospital to help with recruiting team members. Click here to download the flier

Everyone who wishes to take part in GlobalSurg 3 must register for study via the GlobalSurg website. GlobalSurg 3 registration will open towards the end of March.

In order to register for GloablSurg 3 you will need an ORCID ID – you can obtain your ORCID ID any time by clicking here

ORCID provides a unique digital identifier that distinguishes every researcher from every other researcher in the world. The information you enter on your ORCID ID will be used to generate the authorship list for any GlobalSurg 3 publications so please make sure your name on your ORCID ID is correct and how you wish it to appear on the authorship list for the study.

Once you have registered for GlobalSurg 3, you will be issued with a log in for REDCap – our online data entry platform

Before you begin data collection, please make sure you have taken the GlobalSurg 3 training module. This will be available shortly!

Once you have gained local approval for the study,  formed your data collection team and registered for GlobalSurg 3, you can identify your 4-week data collection period and begin collecting data. The 4-week data collection period can begin at any time – it doesn’t necessarily need to start on a Monday or a particular date of the month, the important thing is it is 4 complete weeks. If there are multiple teams collecting data at your hospital, you must ensure that your period is not overlapping, even by a day, with the collection period of another team.

You must collect data on every consecutive patient that meets the inclusion criteria during the 4-week study period. Your data must be >95% complete to be included in data analysis (and for you to be included in the authorship list at the end of the study)

You can collect your data on our paper data collection form which will be able available to download and print from the GlobalSurg 3 page of our website shortly. But you must make sure your data is uploaded into REDCap by the end of the study. Only data entered into REDCap will be included in analyses (and only collaborators who have entered their data into REDCap will be included in the authorship list)