Register your team to take part in data collection for GlobalSurg 3

GlobalSurg 3 Collaborator Registration Now Open!

The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration

Calling all GlobalSurg 3 collaborators

Collaborator registration for GlobalSurg 3 data collectors is open now at:

All collaborators wishing to take part in data collection for GlobalSurg 3 must register via our website 

Data collection will be by teams of 3 collaborators in 4 week periods between April and October 2018.

When registering for GlobalSurg 3 you will need an ORCID ID.
ORCID gives every researcher a unique digital identifier which will make registering for GlobalSurg 3 simpler and, importantly, will make the authorship list generated at the end of study more accurate
If you do not have an ORCID ID, please sign up for one here

Steps to Success in GlobalSurg 3
1. Register to take part
2. Read the study protocol
3. Obtain any necessary local approvals
4. Take the GlobalSurg 3 training module
5. Collect and enter your data 

All study documentation available at

Find and contact your GlobalSurg 3 National Lead directly via our new contact form available here

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