October is the last month of data collection for GlobalSurg 3
Final data collection periods must start this week; last date to begin data collection is October 4th 2018
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The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration 


Data Collection Deadlines

All 4-week periods must concluded by October 31st

  • If you have registered to take part in the study but not yet started your data collection, you must begin by October 4th at the latest
  • All 4-week data collection periods must be concluded by October 31st; 30-day follow up for patients entered into the study during October will be collected during November, but no new patients should be collected after October 31st.
  • If you have not yet registered, there is still time to do so. Register here
  • If you have registered but not yet received your REDCap account, you can begin data collection using the paper data collection form. NB all data must be transferred to REDCap for inclusion in the analyses (& for you to included in the authorship list). Paper form available here

Thank you to everyone taking part in data collection!

5390 patients now entered in the study!

If your country is white on our data entry map it means we have not yet received any data from your country for GlobalSurg 3 

Can you help fill in the gaps?

Follow live study updates at data.globalsurg.org

Call for Validators

GlobalSurg 3 Validation Study

Data validation for GlobalSurg 3 will take place between October 2018 and February 2019. The purpose of the validation study is to demonstrate that the dataset is of high quality to facilitate publication in a high impact medical journal.

The validation study will involve checking case ascertainment and examining a small number of data points at each hospital. The results of the validation will not be used to change the primary dataset, only to observe how accurate the primary data is.

Each participating hospital will require a single additional collaborator to act as the data validator. All validators will be cited as authors on publications arising from the study. 
To be a data validator a collaborator:
  1. must work at a hospital contributing primary data to the study
  2. must have access to hospital records
  3. must not have taken part in the study already as a data collector

Validator Registration

  • Each participating hospital requires 1 validator 
  • Check if your hospital already has a validator registered by clicking here
  • If your hospital requires a validator, please contact your National Lead by clicking here – select your country from the dropdown menu and complete the form giving details of which centre you wish to validate.

Completing your GlobalSurg 3 Data Collection and Entry