December Newsletter

The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration

 2019 has been another amazing year for  GlobalSurg– below is a look back at just some of the highlights

GlobalSurg 3 data entry finalised

The first few months of 2019 saw the final data entry stages of GlobalSurg 3. Primary data entry closed, data validation was completed and the hospital level survey conducted.

This was the culmination of over a year of data collection and entry by thousands of GlobalSurg collaborators all around the world.

The final number of patients for inclusion in the analysis is 15,973, with only 1% missing 30 day mortality outcome data. 429 hospitals in 82 countries took part in the study helping to make GS3 a truly unique dataset on surgical outcomes for cancer patients.

As 2019 draws to a close, the data analysis is completed and manuscript preparation is underway – 2020 promises to herald multiple publications from what is our most ambitious and successful project to date.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to GlobalSurg 3!

Launch of the GlobalSurg Podcast  

Ever keen to keep up with the latest technology and communication tools, in February the GlobalSurg team launched into the world of Podcasting. We bought some microphones, added a jingle, and started recording! Our first attempted was binned, but after that we got the hang of the format and the equipment!


Our informal discussions on aspects of GS3, data validation and use of the WHO checklist have now been listened to over 500 times!

Not tuned in yet? Listen to all the GlobalSurg Podcasts on our SoundCloud or via our website.  There’ll be more coming in 2020.

Gap Minder Foundation Collaboration 

May saw the beginning of an exciting new collaboration between GlobalSurg and the Gap Minder Foundation.

Gap Minder are striving to provide a fact-based view of the world (for free) and we’re excited to be working with them as part of their Dollar Street initiative. Photographs taken for the GlobalSurg 3 Hospital Level Survey will form the basis of a new aspect of Dollar Street showing healthcare facilities around the world.

@GlobalSurg passes 8000 followers

   In July we celebrated passing 8000 followers on Twitter  
We’re now up to 8486

Thank you to everyone who follows us!