In February, members of the UK-based Global Surgery Unit (GSU) team travelled to India to attend a 2-day workshop in New Delhi together with 50 delegates representing 19 Indian states and Union territories. The workshop was also attended by the Chancellor (Lord Bilimoria) and Vice-Chancellor (Professor Sir David Eastwood) of the University of Birmingham (UoB) and was supported by the UoB India Institute.

The main focus of the workshop was the prioritisation of new surgical research areas in India that are important to Indian and global patients. This is the first-ever surgical research prioritisation done in India and is a leap towards creating sustainability. Selected topics will be taken forward to seek funding.

The workshop also offered an opportunity for our researchers to showcase the existing GSU global research portfolio pertinent to India, leading to even further expansion of the GSU hub-spoke network in India. Furthermore, in-depth training was provided around two of our current clinical trials, CHEETAH and EAGLE.

The workshop was very well received by everyone who participated, highlighting the excellent work and achievements of the Indian GSU team.