Final Call for GlobalSurg 3 authorship corrections  

All corrections to the GlobalSurg 3 authorship list must be submitted by

23:59 (GMT) Friday December 13th

Further corrections will not be accepted after this date

If you took part in GlobalSurg 3 as a National Lead, Hospital Lead, Data Collaborator or Data Validator check you are correctly included here:

Your name will appear on the list exactly as it appears on your ORCID ID profile. Any changes to spellings or how you wish your name to appear should be made on your ORCID profile.

Team member omissions or erroneous inclusions can be reported here:

    Do not send spelling corrections by email

Need help amending your name on your ORCID ID profile? 

Help us ensure all contributors are correctly included
National Leads: please help share this information with the teams in your country.
Hospital Leads: please check the teams at your hospital. 
All teams: please check your team members are correctly included and share the deadline.