April Newsletter

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GlobalSurg Spring News Round Up

GlobalSurg 2 Update 

The latest GlobalSurg study, ‘Determining the worldwide epidemiology of surgical site infections after gastrointestinal surgery’ finished data collection at the of last year.

By the end of the data collection period over 16,000 patient records had been entered into the study – an amazing collaborative effort by all members of GlobalSurg!

For the first time, we also conducted a data validation study after the main data collection period to ensure the dataset is accurate and robust.

Our data analysis team are now hard at work analysing all this data and producing a manuscript draft which will shortly be submitted to a major journal for peer review.

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Dr Brendan Berry is awarded the GlobalSurg Research Prize!
Congratulations to Dr Brendan Berry who was awarded the GlobalSurg Research Prize at the 2017 Association of Surgeons in Training (AsiT) annual meeting held in April in Bournemouth, UK.