July Newsletter

The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration

GlobalSurg Joins Major New Strategic Partnership to Build Global Surgical Research Unit

In association with The Universities of Birmingham, Edinburgh & Warwick, GlobalSurg are delighted to announce the launch of a major new Global Surgical Research Unit.

The consortium partners have been awarded substantial grant funding from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), UK.

Over the next four years the funds will be used to establish a truly unique and ground breaking International Global Surgical Research Unit. This will allow GlobalSurg to build and strengthen our International network of surgical researchers and enable us to deliver surgical research education, conduct further large scale cohort studies and develop the first ever International randomised controlled trials in surgery.

Further details of the award can be found here

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GlobalSurg 2 Update
The data analysis team have now completed the mammoth task of data cleaning on the GlobalSurg 2 dataset.
This involved analysing >16,000 records to filter out duplicate records, records that did not meet the 95% complete threshold detailed in the protocol, records where the patient didn’t meet the inclusion criteria and those that failed to record the primary outcome measure.
We will shortly be in contact with all GlobalSurg 2 collaborators with a draft authorship list 

Remember you can view all GlobalSurg publications via our the publications page and our new google scholar page  

International survey on treatment of complex acute appendicitis
Erasmus MC have recently started a multicenter randomized clinical trial in the Netherlands aiming to evaluate safety and efficacy of a reduced course of postoperative antibiotics after appendectomy for complex appendicitis: the APPIC trial (Antibiotics following aPPendectomy In Complex appendicitis). 
Controversy remains about the optimal management of acute appendicitis and the trial would now appreciate your help in completing a short survey.
The goal of the survey is to create an overview of current common practice regarding diagnosis and treatment of complex appendicitis on an international level.