Meet the team & listen to our new podcast

Katie Shaw
Katie Shaw GlobalSurg 3 Programme Manager
Ewen Harrison
Ewen Harrison GlobalSurg 3 Principal Investigator
Riinu Ots
Riinu OtsGlobalSurg Data Manager
Stephen Knight
Stephen KnightClinical Research Fellow

GlobalSurg 3 opened to data collection in April 2018, less than a year later the project has 15,000 patient records from 430 hospitals in 85 countries – an massive effort from everyone involved.

Now it’s time to meet the team behind [email protected] – since we started the project we have replied to 2400 emails on every topic from recruiting National Leads, to registration & ORCID ID queries, patient inclusion questions and REDCap issues. If you’ve emailed [email protected] throughout GlobalSurg 3 it’s us who have replied!

You can listen to our latest podcast discussion about our experiences of establishing and running GlobalSurg 3

It’s been an amazing experience for us running the project and we hope it has been for all our collaborators too!