May Newsletter

The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration

GlobalSurg 3 validation update 

The Deadline for the validation study has now passed.

Thank you to the 75% of validators who have already completed validation stages 1 & 2. 
243 hospitals now have a completely validated dataset.

If you are in the 25% of validators yet to complete the data validation at your hospital, your REDCap account will remain active to allow you to complete stages 1 & 2.
We’d be grateful if you could complete your data validation as soon as possible.

Please note you must have fully completed your validation in order to be included in the GlobalSurg 3 authorship list. 

GlobalSurg 3 Hospital Level Survey

As part of the GlobalSurg 3 Validation exercise, we have recently launched the Hospital Level Survey.  This is the final stage of data collection for the study.

If you are a registered GlobalSurg 3 validator, you will be invited to complete this survey which is collecting information related to the facilities and cancer services available at each participating hospital. 

Validators can access the survey either via the link emailed directly to validators, or in your REDCap validators account via the ‘My Projects‘ tab.

GlobalSurg 3 Authorship processes 

All collaborators can continue to access their REDCap accounts. On the Data Collection Complete in the Authorship project you will see your names as pulled from ORCID.
This is exactly how your name will appear in the final authorship list – if you wish to change this in any way you must make the edits in your ORCID profile.

In due course we will circulate a PDF containing the names of all teams that have contributed primary data.

We will not be accepting any spelling or formatting changes by email.