May Newsletter

The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration




Thank you to everyone who has registered for GlobalSurg 3
We have had an amazing response to the launch of GlobalSurg 3
Quality and outcomes after cancer surgery; a prospective, international cohort study
956 collaborators registered in 440 data collection teams
It’s not too late to register if you’d like to join the study
88 Countries confirmed as taking part; further 9 pending
Is your country on the registration map yet? If not, join GlobalSurg 3 today!
120 National Leads and Co-Leads
Does your country have a National Lead?
Find out here:
276 Hospitals in 65 countries now registered
268 patient records already entered on REDCap

Registration Instructions 
  • To register for GlobalSurg 3, you will need an ORCID ID first. ORCID gives every researcher a unique digital identifier which will make registering for GlobalSurg 3 simpler and, importantly, will make the authorship list generated at the end of study more accurate
    If you do not have an ORCID ID, please sign up for one here
  • Next, get your team togther. Each team can have up to 3 collaborators taking part in data collection. Please form the team before you complete the GlobalSurg 3 registration form
  • Visit and complete a registration form to register your team for a REDCap account – our data entry platform.
  • Your REDCap account will be issued approximately 7 days after your initial registration form is received – remember to check your spam/junk folders for the email alerting you to its creation
NB you will need all your team members ORCID IDs to register the team