The GlobalSurg Data Centre Launches Today!

The GlobalSurg Data Centre: Democratising GlobalSurg Data

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the new GlobalSurg Data Centre. Our mission is to allow all our collaborators better access to the GlobalSurg datasets collected during our international cohort studies.

The GlobalSurg Data Centre is the new home for the collection, analysis, visulation and reporting of data in our Global Surgery projects. We are aiming to extend our collaboration around the world, sharing data to establish best practice, and ultimately, improving outcomes for surgical patients worldwide

On this website you will be able to explore in real time updates on data entry from our current study – at the moment GlobalSurg 3 is collecting data on patients undergoing surgery for breast, gastric and colon cancers. Visit the GS3 in numbers page to see live updates on how many countries are registered to take part, how many patient records have been started and completed and how many teams are actively collecting data.

As we complete cohort studies we will add applications that allow visualisation and interaction with the complete dataset (please be reassured that we not allow access to patient or hospital level data) – you can see an example of this by visiting the GS2 data explorer. Using this new application, any variable can be compared with any other variable – click the ‘Data’ tab to begin exploring!

We will also be blogging here about all things data – tips on data analysis, how to best present data – if you have a data-related topic you like us to cover, let us know by commenting on this post!