July Newsletter

The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration

Behind the scenes on GlobalSurg 3  
Primary data entry

The GlobalSurg 3 REDCap database is now finally locked – no further data entry or editing is possible.

The data analysis team are now completing final data cleaning – this includes removing incomplete data, any duplicate patients and those that did not meet the inclusion criteria.

Thanks to everyone’s extra efforts adding missing data and checking key variables, the data is of higher quality than any of our previous studies and very few patients and teams have had to be removed on account of incomplete datasets.

The results are going to offer unique insights into quality and outcomes of cancer surgery on a truly global scale – something that has never been achieved on this scale before.

We’re looking forward to sharing the results with you as soon as we can – and to publishing the study in a high impact medical journal!

Validation Stages 1 & 2 

Validation stages 1 & 2 are also now closed to data entry.

80% of registered validators completed both stages 1 & 2.

The effort all teams put into ensuring their data was complete prior to validation commencing has ensured GlobalSurg 3 is our highest quality dataset yet – but crucially the work of our team of validators demonstrates this quality in a rigorous, scientific manner.  This level of quality assurance within the dataset will be vitally important in demonstrating to our readers that the reported results are valid.

Incomplete validation is not a reason for removal from the primary analysis – those hospitals where a validator was not recruited or the registered validator did not complete stages 1 & 2 will still be included.

Validation – Hospital Level Survey

We’ve had a fantastic response to the GlobalSurg 3 Hospital level survey – over 150 completed responses have already been submitted by our team of validators.

This is allowing us to gather crucial information relating to cancer surgery service provision at the hospital level. Collecting data on the current provision is the first step to improving access to better cancer surgical care for all patients.

We are now contacting teams at some hospitals without a registered validator and inviting them to take part. Only a single response per hospital is required so not all teams will be contacted.

Part of the Hospital Level Survey involves the collection of photographs of GlobalSurg hospitals, operating tables and anaesthetic machines. We’re particularly excited about this part of the project, as we’re collaborating with the GapMinder Foundation and hope GlobalSurg hospitals will feature in a new area of their Dollar Street initiative.


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