Final call for GlobalSurg 3 data validation

All data entry for GlobalSurg 3 validation stages 1 and 2 must be complete by 23:59 on 30/06/2019.

Validators who have not fully completed stages 1 and 2 will not be included in the study authorship list.

Full details on completing both stages are shown below.

Any validators needing assistance with any aspect of the validation process, including REDCap access, please email [email protected]

Completion of Validation Data Entry 

To complete your data entry for the validation study, you must complete both validation stage 1 and validation stage 2 which can be located in the ‘My Projects’ area on REDCap.

For full instructions please see the REDCap validators guide available by clicking here

Validation stage 1

In stage 1 you are checking the patient points entered by the primary data collection team match the hospital records.

From the My Projects area, navigate to validation stage 1 and the record status dashboard – the form for each patient will show as a ‘yellow dot’ on the records status dashboard.
Once you have entered the required data, set the form to ‘complete’ – the patient will then show as a ‘green dot’.

The ‘dots’ for all patients in your dataset must be green – no yellow, no red dots.

Validation stage 2
Stage 2 is about methods of identifying patients at your hospital and determining case ascertainment – were all the correct patients included?During primary data collection, the team should have entered every eligible case that met the study inclusion criteria (and none that did not meet the inclusion criteria).You should attempt to identify from hospital records every eligible case during the time period you are validating. You should then compare this to the number of patient showing in your validation account – are they the same?
If the team have missed some patients, stage 2 is where you should record this.

Even if you identify that the primary team have missed zero patients, you must still complete validation stage 2.