January Newsletter #2

The Global Surgical Outcomes Study

On the behalf of GlobalSurg, we would like to both congratulate and thank all collaborators for their efforts in delivering this unique international project. Preliminary analysis of data is proving very exciting and we look forward to sharing these findings with the wider global healthcare community.

There remains a few important steps to ensure the success of GlobalSurg. Please note the following points:

1. Follow up: Patient identification has now closed. Please remember to follow-up your patient cohort to 30-days post-operatively. All GlobalSurg data must be uploaded to REDCap and locked by 2nd March 2015. This is an absolute deadline and late submissions will not be accepted. By locking records you personally validateaccuracy of the data submitted by your team. Remember, data-sets with high numbers of missing values (<95% completion rate) will be excluded from final analysis and authorship.

2. WHO Situational Analysis Tool: For the first time, GlobalSurg aims to match centre-level environmental data to patient-level outcome data. We  understand that the tool is challenging to complete, but any details you can provide will be invaluable in final analysis. Please do attempt to complete, partially or fully, the WHO Situational Analysis Tool for your hospital.

3. Authorship confirmation: It is important that we confirm authorship details for the final GlobalSurg manuscript. In February, an email will be sent out to all collaborators, detailing authors names and institutions. Please check and complete this form as soon as possible to ensure a timely journal submission.

4. GlobalSurg 2: We are delighted to announce our second international cohort study, which will run October – December 2015. Save the date! We are looking for contributors from the GlobalSurg community to feed into the design and steering of this project, which will seek to expand our network & address a globally relevant surgical topic. More details to be released shortly!

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