A Happy New Year to everyone!

The standard patient recruitment period has now closed. Thank you to everyone who is working hard to make this first study such a success. At the time of writing we have 8267 patients entered, with forms closed on 6517. This in itself is an immense achievement!

I know many of you have still to upload data from paper forms on to the system. Please do this as quickly as you can so we can get the analysis underway!

Please remember the following:

  • Data locking: We ask all GlobalSurg collaborators to ‘lock’ their records once they have been finalised. By locking records you personally validate accuracy of the data submitted by your team.
  • Data completion: Please make every attempt to complete all data fields for patients included in the GlobalSurg study. Data-sets with high numbers of missing values (<95% completion rate) will be excluded from final analysis and authorship.
  • WHO Situational Analysis Tool: GlobalSurg aims to match centre-level environmental data to patient-level outcome data. We remind all collaborators to please complete the WHO Situational Analysis Tool for their hospital.
  • Photo competition winners: Send your team photos to [email protected] or tweet them @GlobalSurg for your chance to win next month’s competition! All submissions will be included in a GlobalSurg team collage, published in a future edition of this newsletter.

If you need any help with any aspect of the study, please get in contact. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to submit your data because you are unsure about something!

Many thanks again to you all and best wishes for 2015.