January Newsletter

The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration

Final week of primary data entry for GlobalSurg 3

Data entry deadline:
10pm (GMT) Monday January 21st 2019 

Can you help us get to 15,000 completed patient records?
We have close to 15,000 patient records now started on REDCap, with just over 12,500 now completed

If your patients are part of the 2500 still to be completed, please finish your data entry by 10pm (GMT) January 21st and help us achieve a recruitment target of 15,000

If you have been using the our paper data collection forms please ensure you have transferred all your data to REDCap by the data entry deadline

To be included in the authorship list your data must be >90% complete 

If you need help with any aspect of data entry, including accessing your REDCap account, email [email protected] 

Completing your Data Entry on REDCap 

1. Five green dots 
Please make sure you have 5 green dots for every patient
2. Data Collection Completion form  
Once you have 5 green dots for every patient please complete the ‘Data Collection Completion’ form available in the ‘Authorship‘ project of your REDCap account, including ticking the box to confirm your data entry is complete

Full instructions on completing this form can be found here

Call for GlobalSurg 3 Validators

General validator registration now open!

If you did not take part in primary data collection for GlobalSurg 3, but would still like to contribute to the study, we are now recruiting data validators

All validators will receive PubMed citation as authors on all publications arising from the study 

If you would like to take part in the GlobalSurg 3 validation exercise: 
  1. Check if your hospital has a data validator registered here: https://argoshare.is.ed.ac.uk/validation/
  2. If a validator is still required, please read the information below and then register here: https://is.gd/gs3validation