Final Reminder – Data Entry for GlobalSurg 3 closes @10pm (GMT) Tonight  

Please complete any remaining data entry by the deadline 

Remember, you need 5 green dots for each patient; your data must be >90% complete for your patients to be included in the analyses and for you to be included in the authorship list for the study. 

Data Entry Deadline
10pm Monday 21st January 2019

Need help? Email [email protected]

Guide to Completing your Data Entry on REDCap 

1. Five green dots 
Please make sure you have 5 green dots for every patient

2. Data Collection Completion form  
Once you have 5 green dots for every patient please complete the ‘Data Collection Completion’ form available in the ‘Authorship‘ project of your REDCap account, including ticking the box to confirm your data entry is complete

Full instructions on completing this form can be found here