NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery Annual Research Prioritisation Meeting 2019

This year’s NIHR GSU annual research prioritisation workshop will be hosted by our hub in Ghana later this week in Accra and Tamale. Teams from the UK and Ghana and have been busy planning the meetings for months and this week final preparations are well and truly underway!

Representatives from our international research hubs and spokes, together with healthcare researchers and policy makers from around the world will meet to discuss progress in our current projects and set the research agenda for future studies. We will also hold another round of pump-priming surgical research awards where researchers from our hubs can present research proposals and bid to receive seed funding and mentoring from academics at the NIHR GSU.

We will have 2 days of meetings in Accra followed by training courses and small group fora on a variety of topics including Access to Surgery, Community Engagement and Involvements, How to Write a Paper, Health Economics and An Introduction to Statistics. From Accra the meeting will move to the town of Tamale where our hub in Ghana is based. There we will visit local hospitals, carry out trial site initiation and further training courses, including establishing the Ghana Data Centre running our HealthyR training course sponsored by the Wellcome Trust.

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