REDCap Data Collection System

REDCap is a secure, web-based application that will be used to collect GlobalSurg data. It uses robust industry-standard security with encryption of all data transfer and storage.

The system is intuitive and straightforward to use – we don’t think you will have any difficulty. The videos and information (in PDF format) below provide a step-through guide to getting data in and out.

Download Adobe Reader here     get_adobe_reader

Please note these tutorials were designed for GlobalSurg I. They will give you a good understanding of how REDCap works generally.

Specific tutorials relating to GlobalSurg 2 will be available shortly.

1.REDCap first sign in


View the PDF guide: GlobalSurg-REDCap-Guide-Part-1

2.REDCap adding data


View the PDF guide: GlobalSurg-REDCap-Guide-Part-2

3.REDCap checking data