GlobalSurg 3 Team Slack Chat

The GlobalSurg 3 team are currently drafting a manuscript describing the methods of the study. This morning we had a planning discussion on Slack – our favourite team collaboration tool.

We’ve decided to share our Slack Chat with you so you can follow our progress as we prepare the manuscript!

Katie Shaw
Katie ShawGlobalSurg Programme Manager
Riinu Ots
Riinu OtsGlobalSurg Senior Data Manager
Ewen Harrison
Ewen HarrisonGlobalSurg 3 Principle Investigator
Tom Drake
Tom Drake Clinical Research Fellow
Stephen Knight
Stephen KnightClinical Research Fellow
Cameron Fairfield
Cameron Fairfield Clinical Research Fellow

Katie Shaw [9:02 AM]

The GlobalSurg 3 team are planning a manuscript describing the methods of the study set up. This morning we’re having an online discussion to plan the paper

The unique selling points of the study are:

  1. ORCID ID system for registrations
  2. the database architecture
  3. the validation study

Riinu Ots [9:04 AM]

Using the ORCID ID is a major difference between GS3, and GS1 or GS2 and it has made managing 3,000 surgeons and medical researchers around the world a lot easier

Katie Shaw [9:05 AM]

This is going to make the mammoth task of arranging the authorship list at the end of the study a lot easier

We hope!

Ewen Harrison [9:07 AM]

Does provide an ID for hospitals as well, or is it just for collaborators?

Katie Shaw [9:07 AM]

If only!

ORCID ID is for collaborators only but @Riinu has a great database now of curated hospitals throughout the GlobalSurg studies

Riinu Ots [9:08 AM]

Good question and we’ve thought about this a bit – they don’t, they only do people.

And I can understand why – hospitals can be reorganised – grouped together or broken into different units. People are easier to number than hospitals

So yes, we have created our own World hospitals database with unique Hospital IDs, available here:

A curated list of world hospitals that have taken part in GlobalSurg studies – SurgicalInformatics/world_hospitals

It is still very tricky deciding at which point do two separate buildings but right next to each other become different hospitals/the same hospital

Katie Shaw [9:11 AM]

Yes – big campus style hospitals can be tricky. And places with very similar names.

So we’ve put a lot of work into identifying all the hospitals and naming them in a consistent manner. This should help with consistent naming of hospitals in any future GlobalSurg study too

Ewen Harrison [9: