NIHR Global Surgery Unit Holds Annual Meeting Online

This is the time of year we are usually planning our annual research prioritisation meeting – looking forward to meeting friends and colleagues for meetings and training.  This year our meeting was due to be hosted by our Hub in Ludhiana, India – sadly the Covid19 pandemic has prevented us meeting in person so it was real delight to see so many of our unit members join us for an online meeting this afternoon.

As ever it was exciting to hear updates from all our hubs – it’s amazing to see how the work of the hubs and spokes has kept momentum and continued throughout the pandemic. Studies have completed, new studies are starting and even a new hub opening in Benin under the leadership of Ismail Lawani.

There is an amazing amount of work going on across the network – new colleagues joining, new initiatives starting and more and more research publications being produced as well as public facing Community Engagement & Involvement activities putting patients at the heart of everything we do.

It’s great to see the Hubs evolving as they mature into unique and independent research centres as we look to the future and grow our  network.