July marks the start of the GlobalSurg study, with many centres around the world beginning to collect vital data on emergency global surgery outcomes this is the start of something very exciting.

In order to help collaborators collect data effectively we have designed a series of useful resources, notably a training module and paper based data collection forms for when you’re away from the REDCap system.

We recommend everyone attempts the short, 10 question training module which can be found here. It contains answers to frequently asked questions and may help you with some of the finer points of the GlobaSurg study.

In addition to the training module, we have now produced a series of paper forms containing definitions and helpful explanations of the required data points. At theĀ  end of these definitions is a short, 1 page data collection form to efficiently record patient data on-the-go. We haveĀ  produced this as an individual document to reduce the hassle of downloading large files and having to print specific pages off. This may also be easily replicated by hand too! These can be found here, alongside the protocol. You will need adobe reader (or equivalent PDF reader) to access these files.

Any queries or questions, look our FAQ page or email [email protected] It’s not too late to take part in GlobalSurg, register your interest above or email us!