July Newsletter

The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration


GlobalSurg 3 Update
Data.globalsurg.orgYou can now follow live updates on data collection as well as registrations at the GlobalSurg data centre

  • 1820 collaborators now registered to take part in 757 mini-teams

  • 412 Hospitals in 84 countries collecting data

  • 2385 patient records entered into REDCap, 1112 patients’ data already completed

See our blog for a full update. 

Have you finished your data collection?

When you have completed your 4-week data collection period (plus 30 day follow-up) you need to:

  • Ensure all your data collection forms are complete (& marked as complete) so every patient has 5 green dots on the dashboard of your REDCap Data project

Please note, as per the protocol, your data must be >95% complete to be included in analyses and for you to be included in the authorship list of publications

  • Confirm your data collection dates on ‘The Data Collection Completion’ form in the REDCap Authorship project. Please do this as soon as you have completed your data collection, even if your names do not yet appear – it is important we know your data collection dates for the validation study