From Soji Ademuyiwa in Nigeria

The GLOBALSURG story in Nigeria has been like the proverbial seed that has grown to become a shrub and now hides the nests of birds and other flora and fauna. From a humble beginning of a contact with a researcher in Lagos, it grew to about 30+ members who contributed to the landmark GLOBALSURG 1 project. Now 61 researchers and for the first time, including medical students, have completed registration on the Redcap platform and still counting………

The future appears bright and with bated breaths, we await a new dawn in surgery as a public health service.

Pictured from Left are: Dr Adedapo OSINOWO, Attending/Consultant General Surgeon; Dr Adesoji ADEMUYIWA, Attending/Consultant Paediatric Surgeon and Country Lead for Nigeria, and Dr Felix ALAKALOKO, Senior Resident Paediatric Surgery.