GlobalSurg 3 Validation Update

The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration

GlobalSurg 3 Validators

Thank you for registering for the GlobalSurg 3 validation exercise

The GlobalSurg 3 validation exercise is designed to observe the quality of the primary data entered into the project at each hospital.

GlobalSurg are the first large collaborative group to attempt to validate such a large, international dataset in this way – we are using innovative tools and techniques to achieve this and are particularly grateful to you for volunteering to help us in this important undertaking.

Data validation is vitally important to demonstrating the quality of our dataset and will be crucial in facilitating the publication of the study in a high impact medical journal. 

Validation Accounts Update

Validation at your hospital can not take place until the primary data entry team have completed their data entry and confirmed it is all complete.

If you have registered to be the data validator at your hospital but have not yet received your REDCap account which will contain the data points you need to validate, this will be because the primary data collection team at your are still completing data entry.

Once the primary data collection team have completed their data entry, we will carry out some internal checks and be back in touch with you with your REDCap account details as the primary data has passed our internal checking.

You can now check on the progress of your account and team using the validation registration dashboard at this link:

Validation Study Resources
We have put together some resources to help you achieve the GlobalSurg 3 validation exercise.
  1. The GlobalSurg 3 Validation Userguide
  2. Validation REDCap Userguide
  3. Validation Frequently Asked Questions 
These can all be found on our website at the below link (scroll to below the protocol translations) you still need help or have any questions about validation, please email [email protected]