GlobalSurg 3 in Numbers – August update

Over 1000 patient records completed and 352 new collaborators have joined this month alone!

In August, 67 new hospitals have registered and we have welcomed  3 new countries to GlobalSurg 3 – welcome to our new collaborators in Madagascar, Namibia and Algeria. Full numbers update below

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Thank you and well done to this month’s top recruiting hospitals (in no particular order):

  • Central University Hospital Of Asturias (Spain)
  • Addenbrooke’s Hospital (UK)
  • Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (UK)
  • Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital (Spain)
  • Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics (Lithuania)

2 months of data collection left – still time to register and be part of the biggest ever international study into cancer outcomes

*Numbers in brackets indicate increase since July

2187 collaborators (+367) now registered to take part in 900 (+143) mini- teams

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479 (+67) Hospitals in 87 (+3) countries currently collecting data

3591 (+1206) patient records entered into REDCap, 2249 (+1138) patients’ data already completed

96 countries now confirmed as taking part with a further 5 pending

132 National Leads and Co-leads

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