GlobalSurg 2 Validation Study Deadline Extended

The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration


The GlobalSurg 2 validation study deadline has been extended by 4 weeks to
23:59 November 6th 2016

There is still time to take part in the validation study and be part of GlobalSurg 2!

Recruiting validators for GlobalSurg 2

Validation is an important part of the study ensuring that data collected is of high quality. We are still recruiting validators for GlobalSurg 2.
To act as a validators you should:
  1. be a qualified doctor or nurse
  2. be independent of the team collecting data at your centre
  3. have access to theatre logbooks
  4. have read the GlobalSurg protocol and completed associated training modules
All validators will receive citation as collaborators on GlobalSurg 2 publications. 
If you are interested in becoming a validator for GlobalSurg 2, please contact your local GlobalSurg lead via the contact form with your name, grade and centre. Alternatively, email the GlobalSurg team directly ([email protected]) including your grade and hospital name.Message for all local leads: please continue to seek data validators at each centre that has entered data into GlobalSurg 2 and forward their details to ([email protected])We look forward to working on this part of the project with you!

All participants in GlobalSurg 1 received a Pubmed-citable listing as collaborators on our recent paper.

The GlobalSurg 2 analysis will be published using the same collaborative model and validators will receive a named citation under a specific validation sub-grouping.

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