GlobalSurg 1 Paediatric Paper Published in BMJ Global Health

The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration

GlobalSurg are delighted to announce the publication of the next GlobalSurg 1 paper

Determinants of morbidity and mortality following emergency abdominal surgery in children in low-income and middle-income countries’

Published today in BMJ GlobalHealth

Congratulations to all our collaborators!

Click here to read the full open access manuscript

This is second paper to be published from the GlobalSurg 1 dataset and looks specifically at pediatric emergency abdominal surgery.

The data reveal the likelihood of dying after emergency abdominal surgery is up to seven times greater for a child in a low income country compared to a high income country 


GlobalSurg are committed to making our research freely available to all.

BMJ Global Health is a fully open access journal and the manuscript can be read in full for free here

You can also read press releases on the article from BMJ Global Health and Eureka