Final call for corrections to the GlobalSurg 2 authorship list 

Deadline for corrections
Wednesday November 15th 2017

Further requests for spelling corrections and name changes will not be possible after this date

Did you participate in GlobalSurg 2?

Last chance to check you and your team are correctly included

Can we please ask all collaborators who participated in GS 2 to check the final draft of the authorship list and let us know of any corrections before Wednesday November 15th

  Access the full draft authorship list here

Send corrections here via the corrections form

Please check carefully:

  1. Your name is spelled correctly and as you wish it appear on the paper 
  2. Your hospital is correctly named
  3. Your team members are appropriately included – if you spot any collaborators who have been missed or erroneously included please let us know

If you have requested a correction already please check it has now been included.

If you have requested a correction that has not been incorporated into the final authorship list, please complete another corrections form or contact us via or email [email protected]

If your name, team members and hospital details are correct you do not need to do anything 

We’ll keep everyone updated via this newsletter and Twitter 

Remember you can view all GlobalSurg publications via our the publications page and our new google scholar page  

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