The next few months are about testing feasibility of whether social media can deliver a clinical outcomes project. A surgical topic is well placed to meet this need – patients undergoing specific operations are easily identifiable, and they have clear endpoints.

We will send out information about the website via Twitter, Facebook and a multitude of national and international organisation. These wont just be limited to surgical groups, but to global health groups, which may have novel lines of communications with hospitals and surgeons.

There is no limit to how many centres can participate, or where in the world they are. This strategy, when combined with social media and the need for the internet, requires some assumptions: hospitals will have access to the internet, will have computers and will have reliable electricity supplies. Whilst not every hospital in the world has these things, those performing major emergency laparotomy are likely to, as they are resource intensive procedures.

Please register your interest on this website, and use an email we can contact you throughout 2014. Please spread this to colleagues in as many countries as you can – let’s see how many surgical units in the world we can connect?