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The Global Surgical Outcomes Collaboration

Have you heard the latest podcast from the GlobalSurg 3 team?

This month’s podcast is about the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist and its use across the GlobalSurg network.

You can listen to the podcast on the GlobalSurg SoundCloud by clicking here

The discussion is about the pooled analysis from GlobalSurg 1 & 2 examining use of WHO checklist in emergency laparotomy.  Published earlier this year, our publication co-incided with the 10th anniversary of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist. If you’ve not yet read the paper, you by clicking here.

Reminder for GlobalSurg 3 validators 

The Deadline for the validation study is
10pm Tuesday April 23rd 2019

Please make sure you have completed ‘Validation Stage 1′ andValidation Stage 2‘ in your REDCap account by this time

GlobalSurg 3 – What happens next?

A massive thank you to everyone who has taken part in primary data collection

847 teams from 429 hospitals in 84 countries have now entered 15,396 complete patient records in to the study


Over the past few months we have had a period of intense data checking and data cleaning to ensure all teams have complete datasets with no missing variables. Thank you to all teams that have added and amended data in response to our emails – this is ensuring the GlobalSurg 3 dataset is of the highest possible quality.

Following the conclusion of data validation, data analysis and manuscript preparation will get underway. We are aiming to publish the manuscript in a top medical journal. Thank you for your patience during the analysis phase – we will keep everyone informed of progress via this newsletter.

GlobalSurg 3 Authorship processes 

All collaborators can continue to access their REDCap accounts. On the Data Collection Complete in the Authorship project you will see your names as pulled from ORCID.
This is exactly how your name will appear in the final authorship list – if you wish to change this in any way you must make the edits in your ORCID profile.

In due course we will circulate a PDF containing the names of all teams that have contributed primary data.

We will not be accepting any spelling or formatting changes by email.


GlobalSurg and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

New data protection rules come into force in Europe at the end of May 2018.
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The GlobalSurg network grows stronger and stronger thanks to your help. Please share this email with national and international colleagues, especially those in countries not yet represented on our registration map.

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