NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery @Birmingham University

The NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery is led by the University of Birmingham which provides overall oversight in relation to the unit strategy, infrastructure and delivery, research, and finance.

The NIHR GSU is co-directed by Professor Dion Morton, a leading colorectal surgeon from the University’s Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences, and Professor Peter Brocklehurst, Director of the Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit.

Professor Dion Morton
Professor Dion MortonNIHR GSU Co-Director
Professor Peter Brocklehurst
Professor Peter BrocklehurstNIHR GSU Co-Director
Mr Aneel Bhangu
Mr Aneel BhanguNIHR Clinician Scientist
Dr Sohini Chakrabortee
Dr Sohini ChakraborteeProgramme Manager
Dr Laura Mcgill
Dr Laura McgillTrials Team Leader