NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery @Benin Hub

GLOBALSURG BENIN is the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global Surgery Hub in Bénin Republic.

Our aim is to improve healthcare practice in our hospitals by involving health workers in collaborative research. This will make surgery safer for our patients.

Clinical trials help to improve daily practice across our network. Our Hub has trained more than 200 local clinicians in clinical trial good practice, helping to build national research capacity. Over 150 clinicians have obtained Good Clinical Practice certification and been involved in clinical trials.

The hub is seeking to involve more rural hospitals in our clinical trials for the benefit of patients with limited access to healthcare.

The NIHR GSU Hub in Bénin is based at Cotonou city, in the School of health sciences, under the University of Abomey Calavi.

Benin Hub


Dr Ismail LAWANI
Dr Ismail LAWANIHUB Lead
Mr Covalic BOKOSSA
Mr Covalic BOKOSSAHUB Administrative Manager
Dr Souliath LAWANI
Dr Souliath LAWANIHUB Research Assistant
Prof Nazaire PADONOU
Prof Nazaire PADONOUChair HUB Manager
Prof Jean-Léon OLORY-TOGBE
Prof Jean-Léon OLORY-TOGBEDeputy 1
Prof Eugène ZOUMENOU
Prof Eugène ZOUMENOUDeputy 2
Mr Hervé COUTHONFinance Officer

Spoke Hospitals In Benin


1. Centre Hospitalier Universitaire et Départemental Ouémé-Plateau

Prof DOSSOU Francis
Prof DOSSOU Francis

2. Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Zone de Suru-Lére

Dr KPANGON Cyrille
Dr KPANGON Cyrille

3. Centre Nationale Hospitalier et Universitaire Hubert Koutoukou Maga

Prof ASSOUTO Pamphile
Prof ASSOUTO Pamphile

4. Hôpital de Zone de Mènontin