Determining the worldwide epidemiology of surgical site infections after abdominal surgery

About GlobalSurg 2

GlobalSurg 2 aims to determine worldwide surgical site infection (SSI) rates following gastrointestinal surgery. The primary end point for the study is 30 day surgical site infection rate.

  • Any hospital in the world performing emergency or elective gastrointestinal surgery is eligible to enter
  • This is a low burden project; Only 30 data points per patient are required
  • Data collection: 4th January 2016 to 31st July 2016 (with follow-up of the last period until 30th August)
  • PubMed citable authorship attributed to all collaborators

How you can get in involved

What’s needed?

All consecutive (i.e. one after the other) patients undergoing elective or emergency gastrointestinal surgery should be included in the study. There is no minimum number of patients per centre, so long as all eligible patients during the study period are included.

Individual hospital teams (up to three people) will collect data for two weeks. Patients will be identified and data collected on all patients during the selected two-week period, with 30-day follow-up.

You can choose any consecutive two weeks during the study period (Jan – July 2016), so that there is maximum flexibility. Multiple teams covering different time periods from a single institution are encouraged.

30 datapoints per patient will be collected via a secure online website.

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Protocol & Project Hub

Read the GlobalSurg 2 protocol and access project resources by clicking the link above.

Find out more details about the GlobalSurg 2 study by reading the protocol.


Data entry for GlobalSurg 2 will be performed using the REDCap online data collection system. Learn more about REDCap by clicking the image above.

Training Module

To take part in GlobalSurg 2 you must complete the online GlobalSurg 2 training module.

To take the GlobalSurg 2 training module click on the image above.

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